The Chemistry of Kiss

           We kiss….but why ? Kissing is the most interesting habit for many  of us. Kissing is a peculiar act of contacting lips on the other object with the mood of appreciation. We kiss right from child hood to our death in various occasions with different moods of the mind. Kissing is not only common in humans but is also found in other animals.

          The act of kissing varies slightly based on the occasions, mood and on the location of the body. Kissing on cheek, forehead, hands, neck region, lips are common in public in many societies. Apart from these kissing in unusual parts are only observed during love making and sex.

          The reason for adaptation of kissing from the evolutionary stand point of view has no direct conclusion yet. But it is found that the lips especially  evolved as the sensitive region in human beings. The lips of monkeys are hard and are not protruded outside. But the humans have protruding lower lip turning the inner skin portion of the mouth towards outside with a clear lip border. The facial muscle movement and blood flow makes them more sensitive for a kiss.

          Kiss has a clear psychological impression on both the partners involved in kissing. Psychologically, the first erogenous zone is mouth and hence children derive pleasure by keeping everything in the mouth right from mother’s breast to toys using their lips as primary contact. We kiss children with much affection and habituate them to kiss in return. This makes them to realize that basically a kiss is an expression for affection and liking involving some kind of pleasure. As children grew the erogenous zone shifts towards other body parts and the act of kissing subsides during schooling. The passion for kissing again rejuvenates with onset of adolescence. Kissing is the first and foremost act of loving in youngsters. Especially of all the kisses, lip to lip kissing is the most romantic act in love and is also found while expressing the peak affection towards the other. The act of kissing is found prolonged and dominating while making love with opposite sex deriving unforgettable extreme pleasure. Every one remembers their event of first lip locking. Sexual arousing is due to secretion of neurotransmitters in the brain and is stimulated through the act of kissing. The touching of each others wet lips during sex makes the partners to involve in the act with concentration duly closing the eyes so as not to be distracted to the surroundings.  Apart from lip locking , kissing on various parts of the body especially on sensitive parts like neck, shoulder, hip , breasts, genital regions quickly excite every nerve in the body and makes to derive extreme pleasures in sex. Hence, kissing benefits sex and helps in procreating the species. From french-kiss to flying-kiss, every act of kissing has a definite meaning to convey to the other partner with expression of liking.

           In Vatsayana Kama Sutra , an ancient Indian scripture on sex, Chumban (kiss) was specially discussed about its various forms and effects on the couple bonding. Kissing the partner is considered as a holy divine act that transcends the soul from materialistic thinking to a joy of spiritual ecstasy. The sculptures and carvings on ancient Hindu temples depict this.

          Apart from this, ‘kiss’ is used in many poems, sonnets,romantic writings,paintings, Art, Sculpture etc. Some popular quotes on ‘kiss’ goes like this…

A man had given all other bliss,

And all his worldly worth for this,

To waste his whole heart in one kiss

Upon her perfect lips’.

-Alfred, Lord Tennyson

I can express no kinder sign of love, than this kind kiss’.

-William Shakespeare

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine’..

-Bible, Song of Solomon, 1. 1

and finally….Kissing is an Art…Practice it and get the bliss !


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