Fire in our life

         Do you know that fire has brought a great change in our living style? In fact I believe that fire turned the whole evolution itself in the most splendid way. Of all the creatures on the earth, man is the only animal which knows how to tame the fire. Human beings learned how to use fire for many things and this brought a great change in their life. Probably he might started using the fire to defend from other animals, as any animal tremendously fears of fire. It was not hard for early humans to get the traces of fire creation in the forests. He observed forests getting fired naturally due to rubbing of special kind of tree branches and fire descending from the sky in the form of shooting stars and thunder bolts. On some fine day he might have tasted naturally burnt flesh piece of an animal and found tastier. He thought of having more delicious food every day by burning the raw meat. This developed the art of cooking in human species. This is his remarkable achievement. It allowed man to gain control and dominate the nature including surrounding animals. The same taming of fire made his food tastier and further easily digestable. This paved way for the evolution of smooth and less weight jaws, teeth and sophisticated muscular movements to tongue and this whole set of changes finally facilitated for proper coordination of movements to the vocal cords. As the action of vocal cords improved due to cooking of food, gradually human species could utter speech and better way of communication rather than limiting to special circumstantial vocal streaming as in other animals. In addition, the usage of fire cannot be easily possible only with front legs and hence animals gradually used front legs more for skilled work and learned how to balance or move only with two remaining hind legs. As the communication and speaking ability is increased along with bipedal locomotion, the homosapiens turned into intelligent creature with developed arts and soon dominated the world. Perhaps this might be the reason why many holy scriptures and rituals in India praise fire and do auspicious events before fire, keeping it as a witness for our progress in the evolution.

         Then what is the next step in the evolution in this direction. Well, it is what we are witnessing now. Gradually, the fire is being replaced with electricity! The electricity has become the most essential in our life and is almost impossible to view the human living without it. The electricity has become the inevitable substitution for fire and is steering for the next turn in our evolution. What type of changes it is bringing in our life? First of all, human species are freed from complete dependency on sunlight or fire. Although the sun light is always very much essential, it is not necessary to carry out many works now. Man is busy with his work even in nights because of electricity. Earlier man is not a nocturnal animal but now he is both diurnal and nocturnal. This life style is bringing changes in the body internal mechanism and coordination. In our body, many systems respond collectively and put us in boyish and drowsy conditions based on sun cycle. But we are working irrespective of sun cycle. Apart from this, now a days, even the recreation like playing sports is carried in night times by powerful high consumption flood lights. The dependency on electricity is making us to use natural sun light less efficiently by wasting in sleep and in turn draining the natural resources so as to produce the electricity. So, changes in the environment through the exploitation of the natural resources for production of electricity and simultaneous changes in body chemistry of human species are sufficient for it to evolve into another species in few thousand years from now.


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