Ganesh Festival


             Ganesh festival in India conveys the understanding of the universe by the age old rishis and reminds every Hindu devotee about his position in the universe. In fact, Lord Ganesha was mentioned in the oldest of vedas, Rigveda. By that time, still there are no concepts like Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara) and man used to worship Nature around him. That means even before the life forces of Nature were viewed as Trimurthis in Hinduism, Lord Ganesha was considered as the universal force dwelling in the center of the Galaxy. He is the representation of the central force that binds our whole galaxy, the Milkyway in Hindu mythology. Hence, in the festival pooja, Ganapathi is made to sit in the center and a special construction called ‘Palavelli’ is hanged over his head and all kind of round objects (fruits) are tied to palavelli. Here palavelli signifies our galaxy and the different fruits hanging over palavelli represents different planets all rotating the central force of the galaxy, Lord Ganesha. On conducting festival, we remind ourselves the setup of the galaxy itself and giant forces operating around the universe and helps us to be in conscious that we are part of this grandest universe. This concept of oneness and interconnection of the universe to our life are significant features in the festival pooja. We conduct pooja by offering different flowers and leaves in this Nature thanking the very central force,Lord Ganesha, for creating the habituated life giving environment. Because all planets in the galaxy revolve and rotate, we also do pradikshana ( revolving) and atma pradakshina (rotation) in the pooja symbolizing that we are also one of many planets like objects in the universe. This feeling of oneness with universe is the real Bhakthi and is embedded in Ganesh festival.


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