Raagas – Songs

       Learning music is a passion. The excitement we feel when we strike a perfect musical note is inexpressible. But this needs lot of practice. The practice of music starts right from listening to music. Good musicians must also be good listeners. At the early stage of learning classical music, it is hard to listen to lengthy rendition of ragas and music concerts because it needs a trained ear to appreciate and enjoy the bliss of classical music. But starters can listen to light music effortlessly and enjoy the music. To dive into classical music from light music , students  should learn to recognize classical ragas (at least popular ragas) in songs and their common patterns by practicing listening. Usually, many film songs are not composed with strict raga scales but there are some tunes in films and in popular light music which are based on classical ragas. The list of some Telugu songs (downloaded from internet) mentioning their ragas is given below for listening and to recognize ragas in the early stage of learning music.

Right click on the image below…

Happy Learning !  🙂



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