This page is the index of the posts in this blog listed in alphabetical order. By clicking on the post title, you can directly go to the post and read.

Post Title  (Category)


  1. Are Cell Phones Carcinogenic? (Science)

  2. Art Gallery (Collections)


  1. Dreams – A Royal Road (Psychology)


  1. Fire in Our Life (Science)


  1. Ganesh Festival (Philosophy)


  1. JanaGanaMana (Music)


  1. Lyrics (Music)


  1. Man-Made Water! (Science)

  2. Maha Ganapathim – Naata Ragam (Music)

  3.  MeToo (Lifestyle)


  1. Narayanathe (Music)


  1. Paperless Office (Science)

  2. Periodic Table (Science)

  3. Placards (Collections)


  1. Raag – Bowli (Music)

  2. Raagas – Songs (Music)


  1. Scientists – Slideshow Album (Science)

  2. Sri Gananatha (Music)


  1. The Birth of Life (Science)

  2. The Philosophy of Life (Philosophy)

  3. The Chemistry of kiss (Science)

  4. The Third Movement of the Earth (Science)

  5. The Death and the Dance (Philosophy)

  6. Tinned Copper Fuse Wire (Science)


  1. Varaveena (Music)

  2. Vandemaataram (Music)


  1. Why is the Sky Blue? (Science)

  2. Why Do We Smile and Laugh? (Science)

  3. Why the substation ground is filled with crushed gravel stones ? (Engineering)

  4.  Why Silica gel breather cup of a Transformer is partially filled with oil ? (Engineering)

  5. Why there is only single float in the OSR attached to OLTC of a Transformer? (Engineering)




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