About This Blog

          This blog deals with assorted topics and several cross disciplinary subjects. This blog reflects my ideas, interests, leisure pursuits and the way I look this world. Explore this blog by clicking on categories mentioned on top and dive into my perception. This blog contains lot of material on various subjects either written by me or collected from internet. The intension is to create awareness and share knowledge but not to violate any copy rights. If any found objectionable, please email me to girikumar@outlook.com  and that will be removed from the blog basing on sender’s request. I feel all your suggestions, comments, critics and sharing of ideas will help to improve this blog.


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About Me

          I am working as an Electrical Engineer in India and I am fond of Carnatic music and Science. I don’t know how and why, but, it happened in my life that my first love is physics ! I am interested in book reading and sometimes spend time to think about cross disciplinary ideas and thoughts about consciousness (philosophical ???) ! Apart from these, I play Flute and I do Theoretical Physics, of course, needless to mention , an Internet buff 🙂

Email: girikumar@outlook.com 


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